One of the best.

“Inwood has a magnificent collection of cafes selling stuffed arepas and other street snacks. Cachapas y Mas is one of the best, a gleaming fast food spot done up in garish shades of orange and green with a dancing ear of corn as its mascot.”



The absolute best arepas in New York.

“Cachapas are the star of the show here, but the fast-food-style fried arepas are worth a try, too.”

Grub street


You’d dream up this burger.

“Greasy and filling, the hot heaps of high-quality — though super fatty — ingredients combine to create a meta-snack of sorts: You’d dream up this burger if you were stuck on a desert island, craving a cornucopia of moist meat.”

The village voice



39 NYC foods that deserve more hype.

“A sandwich, but instead of bread, the insides (the best ones are filled with cheese, shredded chicken, or pork) are held together by two giant smashed, fried plantains.”



A must visit.

“If you haven't discovered the Venezuelan versions of the sandwich, a visit to Cachapas y Mas is a must.”

New york daily news


Best savory pancakes in NYC.

“The version served at Cachapas y Mas is about as big as a hubcap, and comes folded over such ingredients as roast pork, chorizo, grilled chicken, and shredded beef.”

CBS New York